Before the cameras roll, we'll first consider your audience. What message do you wish to convey? Where might your audience view your film? And what actions, if any, do you wish them to take?

We then consider the life and placement of your film.  How will it be used and for how long?  Will it support a broad marketing campaign or should it work as a standalone, self-contained, self-explanatory piece?

Ultimately, we gauge the scale of your ambitions and work closely with you to develop a creative and cost-effective approach and timeline. Once approved, we source the best possible production team possible.

An individual
approach to each customer!

Our mission is to tell your story in the most engaging and cost-effective way. No two stories are exactly the same. There is no one-size-fits-all approach to video or motion graphics content.  We’re well aware that your brand and image are paramount. We help you to illustrate your ideas and turn them into compelling content. Our diverse team of directors, producers, editors, DoPs, animators and production staff approach every project as unique, allowing us to determine the most effective way to tell your particular story.

Video TV and
film production

Made in the Shade has produced hundreds of films for clients such as: Imagination, Virgin, Virgin Galactic, Sony, 3M, Canon, Ford, BMW, Jumeriah, Adidas, Maille, Godiva Chocolatier, King.com and Barclays.

and special effects

Our motion graphics designers enhance your brand message and demonstrate technicalities and processes with clarity that video alone cannot.

Experiential content

We create bespoke experiential content for major corporate exhibitions, retail displays, and digital advertising displays.


Whether it's an internal corporate training programme, advert or a feature piece on your company, our editors are storytellers first and foremost and will shape your message into an effective film.


As the appetite for digital content continues to grow and diversify, we help companies to build stories about themselves, which work as programming on airplanes, smartphones, streaming services and web channels.

Storydoing and
Event Coverage

We can help you reveal what you’re company is up to, and demonstrate the enthusiasm for your brand. Storydoing is a way for your company to execute an extraordinary event then share it with the world. Think Virgin brand.

Our promise

At the heart of every successful company is the innate ability to convey the passion of its brand to the public. Promoting your brand and sustaining your image is an important aspect of making your company recognisable and sought after. Our imaginative and experienced team will help you construct and design a film or animation for your specific needs.

Made in the Shade is a community of passionate professionals who contribute their skills and insights to award-winning content and experiences.